The recent development of small high quality Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drones has allowed a whole new direction for photography and video, for both personal and commercial purposes.  With camera quality of 20 megapixels not uncommon and video quality often at 4k standard access to suitable equipment is not difficult to source.

Photography of housing and commercial properties for agents, site imagery for surveyors, golf course fly-bys of fairways and greens or just a different angle on everyday events, the potential is still being explored!

However, the use of these tools is strictly governed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the locations they can be used are impacted by general airspace regulations, local restrictions and the need to have a drone operator who holds a PcFO accreditation from the CAA.  

Working with drone pilots who have the PfCO qualification ensures you are dealing with someone who has attended and passed a detailed training course and has invested the time and capital in creating a full reporting system and logbook for the relevant authorities.  It offers you peace of mind knowing they are fully insured and have committed to keeping their skills up to date with minimum monthly flight hours required.

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