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Drone Services

Whilst aerial photography and filming remain the most common commercial uses of drones in the UK, there are an increasing range of accessible and cost effective services that can also be utilised.


Photography was my initial introduction to drone flying but over time I have expanded my range of capabilities to include the following:Using drones it is possible to map areas of property or land in much greater detail than the images available in services such as Google Earth.  Using specialist software it is possible to pre-plan the coverage of an area and allow the drone to 'remote fly' the planned route and automatically take images giving the necessary overlap and coverage to give you striking detail levels.  Completed photo mapping can be overlaid onto existing Google Earth imagery to show changes to boundaries, property development, land usage or just high degree detail of the required area

3-D Modelling

In the same way as the mapping activity detailed above, the drone can also use a similar process to acquire a range of overhead and side elevation images.  These are then knitted together by specialist software to provide detailed 3D models of buildings  or features in the landscape.   As the process uses geo-tagging to stitch its images together, additional land based photographs of side elevations and features on site can be added for increased realism and applications such as measurement and planning.


Using the drone to view areas of land or features such as material stores of aggregate or areas of excavation and waste piles, key measurements can be calculated extremely accurately for volumes of material, size of excavations or area of potential development sites. mounds of earth 

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