What I do

Everything that I do is tailored directly to the brief that you as the client provide.

Whether it be as simple as you wanting 5 shots of a property, one from each side and an overhead, through to needing a more complex request for a whole day.  My approach and 'fresh eyes' effect that I will have on your vision, can help create a new  perspective that has previously not been considered.

Often when working on a project the scope of the work starts to change and its not unusual to be asked to recommend or assist in additional elements activity.  My background in promotions and marketing means I can provide access to web developers and designers, print production and more.

An increasing part of my work is related to the aerial photography and video opportunities provided by modern drones.  I am a fully qualified and authorised CAA PfCO operator, so you can be assured that your activity will be undertaken legally, without disrupting people and other businesses and whilst fully insured.  With increasing legislation of this avenue during 2019, I provide peace of mind.

Recent projects include product shots, brochure imagery and web images as well as a magazine project. With all of the work I undertake I make images available to the client via a secure online service for selection or requests for additional editing.  I handle all aspects required such as model release forms and allocating copyright to the client, so at the conclusion of your project you know everything has been concluded and the images are yours to utilise as you wish. 

For any project you are considering, large or small please don't hesitate to contact me for an informal, no obligation chat to discuss your requirements.  Use the Get In Touch facility on this site or contact me at:

Tel: 01255 762063

Mob: 07985 755131

Email: stewart@sphophotography.co.uk

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